Mary Michelle Blueberry Wine
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Mary Michelle Blueberry Wine

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Mary Michelle makes Blueberry Wine from 100% fresh blueberries. The fermentation of the blueberries does not destroy the antioxidants benefits from the blueberries.

This wine is a light-bodied red wine that is semi-sweet, with no additives. It has a soft mouth feel with the real taste of blueberries on the middle of the tongue and a refreshing non-alcoholic fruit juice finish. A very special wine all can drink and enjoy. It drinks well alone or pared with food.

It is the perfect wine for the Doctor recommended two glasses of red wine a day.

750 ml bottle

Varietal 100% Fresh Blueberry Juice  

Alcohol 11%

Shipping Wines:  FedEx ships Mary Michelle Wines.  FedEx requires someone to be at the address to receive the wine that is 21 years old to sign and accept the wines.  Mary Michelle sells online to CA, FL, IL, MO, VA and Washington DC.