About Us

Mary Michelle

Mary Michelle Winery and Vineyard began as a dream of the Hindelang Berger family continuing the work of Hindelang's grandfathers and father to create employment for the local residents of Carrollton. The name of the winery, Mary Michelle, is for his mother and for his wife. 

Our Mission Statement:  To produce and bottle wines our customers want to drink for the rest of their lives.

Mary Michelle created a world class winery and planted 100 acres of grapes to provide its customers premium wines for an excellent price.  The grape growing has failed to grow the Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chardonel and Riesling we dreamt of growing because of the extreme winter temperatures that occur every 4 or 5 years.  We had to change our plans of growing grapes by supplementing our grape growing with buying juices and wine to produce the quality of wine we want to make.   

Our efforts produce a Velvet Red wine we believe is the best sweet red wine made in the United States. Our award winning Norton wine is one of the best made in the United States based on the only National Norton contest ever held.  The Norton wine won the number 2 Gold Medal for all Norton wines entered from the United States.  Our CA Premium Red and White are dry wines that have been house wines for over 40 years.  These wines are a blend of CA Central Valley grapes that make some of the best wines in CA without the high price of Napa Valley wines.  We have a new CA Rosé, a dry wine, that is a soft smooth wine enjoyable as an aperitif and pairs well with most foods.  We also have a semi-sweet Velvet Rosé that won the Best in Class at the Long Beach CA Wine Competition.  It is a wine that dry and sweet wine drinkers both enjoy drinking that pairs well with most foods. 

For white wine, beside the CA Premium White, a dry wine, we have a semi-sweet Moscato that is enjoyed by dry and sweet wine drinkers and goes well with many different dishes.  It is a very good dinner wine, a pleasant surprise to those who have not used a Moscato as a dinner wine.  And Velvet White, a sweet white wine, this wine is a Best of Class winner at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.  It was the first wine to run out in the VIP room.  People stood in line to taste this wine.

Our Apple Wine is made from fresh juice from New York or Washington State.  Our Blueberry Wine is made from fresh blueberries that come from a Blueberry Growers CO-OP 50 miles from the Winery that are grown from Argentina to Maine 12 months a year.  This is a special semi-sweet red wine that is perfect for the 2 glasses a day of red wine recommended by some doctors to drink for your health.  It can be enjoyed by those that like dry or sweet wine.

Our Winemaker knew the art of how CA Champagne is made and used his knowledge to produce five 6% low alcohol Sparkling Wines that are very smooth with just a slight sweetness; perfect for the summer, celebrating birthdays, and holidays.

We have sweet wines used for apertifs and cooking.  The Port is a classic Ruby Port that has a rich body and a deep red color.  The Madeira, Marsala, and Sherry are made in the traditional way of baking the grapes in the sun before fermentation.  All of these wines are very good to drink and very good for cooking.  The wines have been sold for over 40 years and they continue to satisfy the customer that is lucky enough to be introduced to these special sweet wines.  They are 17% Alcohol by Volume and they do not contain salt.  Some cooking wines add salt to be taxed at a lower tax rate.  We do not add salt.  We pay the tax so our customers can enjoy these special wines for drinking while they use them for cooking.  And we keep the price very affordable.

We make it easy to buy our wines by having a Search Feature to the find the store closest to you in IL and MO.  If the store you visit does not have the wine you want to buy, ask the store to order it from our distributor Breakthru Beverage.  The stores normally order(s) a wine when customers' requests to be delivered to their store to purchase.

Shipping Wines:  FedEx ships Mary Michelle Wines.  FedEx requires someone to be at the address to receive the wine that is 21 years old to sign and accept the wines.  Mary Michelle sells online to CA, FL, IL, MO, VA and Washington DC.  

Tasting Room:  Mary Michelle Winery has a Tasting Room at the Pere Marquette Lodge 5 miles north of Grafton, IL.  It is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon drinking wine.  Many weekends there is live music.  It has a very good restaurant, cabins and rooms if you decide to spend the night.  Pere Marquette is noted for its hiking, bike trails and access to the IL River for water sports.  

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