Mary Michelle Moscato
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Mary Michelle Moscato

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2017 Moscato

Mary Michelle Moscato is a slightly sweet wine with an abundant floral character. The nose is reminiscent of a fresh bouquet of delightfully perfumed spring flowers with the unmistakable Muscat aroma.

This wine is very lightly carbonated which is pleasing to the palette and creates a very clean finish that leaves a dry finish in the back of the throat.

This wine is a very good dinner wine because it is enjoyed by dry and sweet wine drinkers and goes well with many different dishes.  It is a pleasant surprise to those who have not used a Moscato as a dinner wine.

Enjoy this wine slightly chilled as an aperitif or as a complement to fish, chicken and pork dishes.  

Bottle 750 ml

Alcohol 9.6%

Varietal Muscat Canelli

Appellation Central Valley CA