Mary Michelle California Premium Red
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Mary Michelle California Premium Red

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This wine is made from a blend of California San Joaquin Valley grapes.  The California Central Valley produces some of California’s best red wine grapes.

 This wine is a premium light body red wine.  It is a blend of Central Valley red grapes fermented in steel. The lees were removed when the juice achieved a dark red coloration and a minimal amount of tannins.  By restricting the tannins the blend of sweetness and acids were perfectly balanced to produce a clean slight sweetness on the tongue and a soft smooth finish.

 This wine has been sold as a  house wine for over Forty years in CA and throughout the United States.  It is a very good food wine for dishes typically paired with red wine.  Over three million gallons of this wine is sold each year. 

 The varietals in this blend include Ruby Cabernet , Carignan, Gamay, Grenache, and Syrah.

CA Premium Red can be purchased in 750 ml bottles, 18 L, and 3 L boxes.

Alcohol 12.5%